Imagine a world of sustainable monthly hygiene that also benefits your body.


We live in a world full of possibilities. But sadly also in a world where landfills are overflowing with waste. Menstruation is still a taboo topic and disposable sanitary products were the status quo for a long time without ever being questioned.

Does not have to be

We came to the conclusion: Something has to change.

Our motto is DARE TO CARE. It is our philosophy as well as our work ethic. We want to bring the change into the world that we want to see: Products that aren’t just good for our body, but also good for the environment. As a brand our mission is to empower and value sustainability, inclusiveness, authenticity and hope for change.

That is how the story of SELENACARE began

Über uns
Über uns

We started with our SELENACARE Menstrual Cups. This also marks the dawn of a new era for period products. Of course we didn’t want to stop there, so we went a step further: innovative, absorbent material which is also odor-preventive and washable. SELENAtec® is our very own patent-pending textile technology.

Menstruation is not the only taboo in our society. Did you know that one of three women and one of eight men suffer from bladder leakage? With our experience in innovative textile technology we created SELENACARE & SOUVERAEN Bladder Leak underwear for men and women.

SELENACARE and SOUVERAEN Bladder Leak Underwear is a stylish alternative to disposable sanitary products. Our Bladder Leak Underwear offers protection and comfort in everyday situations – ultra-thin, odor-preventive and leak-proof!


All SELENACARE and SOUVERÄN products were developed in Austria and are produced in China, Germany, Italy, Poland and the Ukraine. We use high-quality materials that are manufactured by our partners Wacker Chemie AG from Germany (100% medical silicone) and the Rudolf Group from Germany (SILVERPLUS for our textiles).

Let us take care of ourselves and our environment together.

DARE TO CARE with us!