Are there different sizes of SELENACARE Washable Pads?

SELENACARE Washable Pads are available in varying sizes and provide complete coverage during your period.

Size 1: 22 cm (light)

Size 2: 27 cm (light to moderate)

Size 3: 30 cm (moderate)

Size 3+: 30 cm (+25% wider, moderate night plus)

How much do SELENACARE Washable Pads absorb?

Depending on the size of the washable pad absorbency varies from 10 ml (Size 1) up to 25 ml (Size 3+), providing ideal protection for light and moderate menstrual flows.

Which side of the washable pad should be on top?

Depending on the model, there are different indicators that show you which side of the washable pad is facing up, towards the body, and which side is facing down, towards the underwear.

This side is facing up (towards the genital area):

  • Mesh fabric: It has a coarse structure. Often with tiny holes. In addition, 2 stitches run lengthways across the absorption surface.
  • If you lay the pad completely flat on a table, the “head” or “knob” of the push button will point upwards.

This side is facing down (towards the underwear):

  • If your model has logos or prints, they should always be towards the underwear.
  • The material has no noticeable stitches in the middle of the surface. It is also smooth and has the same structure as a cotton T-shirt, for example.

What kind of care do my SELENACARE Washable Pads need?

In terms of caring for your Washable Pads, we recommend initially rinsing them in cold water, followed by a warm water wash at 30°C (86°F) and air dry. Do not use fabric softeners, bleach and do not tumble dry.