How does Period Underwear work?

SELENACARE Period Underwear is not only appealing but is also made with our unique SELENAtec® multi-layered fabric technology. Super absorbent with a capacity of 25 ml and an integrated antibacterial layer to prevent odors.

SELENACARE Period Underwear & Washable Pads have an innovative multi-layer fabric technology with the innermost layer wicking moisture, transporting fluids, so that you always feel dry. Silverplus® antibacterial is integrated into the top two layers which prevent unpleasant odors and bacterial growth. In the second layer, menstrual fluids are absorbed and evenly distributed. The third layer consists of a breathable protective membrane to prevent leakage. The outermost layer is made of a skin-friendly fabric, which provides comfort while wearing.

Classic, Active and Hipster styles – what is the difference?

SELENACARE Period Underwear CLASSIC has a comfortable fit and includes an elegant lace, whereas our ACTIVE style is a sporty version with a higher cotton percentage. The HIPSTER style is sitting perfectly at the hipbone, super comfy and comes with modern lace.

How high is the absorbency for SELENACARE Period Underwear?

Our SELENACARE Period Underwear absorbs up to 25 ml of fluid. During light and medium flow days of your period, SELENACARE Period Underwear provides adequate protection. For heavier flow, we advise you to additionally use the SELENACARE Menstrual Cup or a tampon.

Do I need anything else for reliable protection?

Your flow is as unique as you – to complement your SELENACARE Underwear you might want to wear a menstrual cup or tampon additionally. Our SELENACARE Period Underwear can absorb up to 25ml of menstrual fluid (during your period you lose 50 to 80 ml blood on average).

What size do you recommended?

When it comes to clothing, sizes can be really confusing. Even though there are standardized sizes in different geographic regions of the world, every manufacturer has different characteristics.  Based on our customer reviews, we always recommend choosing one size larger than you usually wear.

Example: If you usually wear EU 40 then our advice is the Selenacare size XL, which is marked as 42/44.  

What kind of care does my SELENACARE Period Underwear need?

In terms of caring for your period underwear, we recommend initially rinsing it in cold water, followed by a warm water wash at 30°C (86°F) followed by letting the panties air dry. Do not use fabric softeners, bleach and do not tumble dry.