How do I find the right cup size?

Menstrual cups are a wonderful option for your monthly hygiene. Finding the right size is key for a great experience with menstrual cups. SELENACARE offers flexibility with three cup sizes: Small, Medium and Large. There are three important factors that should be considered when selecting the correct size and are not dependent on height or weight.

1. Menstrual Flow:

For light to medium flows a small to medium cup is sufficient, for heavier flows you may have to empty the cup more frequently or a larger cup will collect a greater capacity.

2. Position of cervix:

A smaller cup is recommended if you can easily reach your cervix when inserting a finger into your vagina (low cervix).

3. Pelvic Floor condition:

The condition of your pelvic floor depends on various aspects. Typically, a smaller cup is recommended if you exercise often and have not given birth to a child yet. Please see the video below for additional information regarding our different cup sizes.

How do I properly insert a menstrual cup?

It is important to wash your hands before handling your cup. The menstrual cup needs to be folded before insertion. There are several folding techniques: 

Push-down Fold: Push the rim of the cup down into the middle of the base to create a shell formation.

C-Fold: Fold your cup in half to create a C formation.

7-fold: Shape and bend your cup into the number 7.

Please see the video here for a visual presentation.

How do I remove my menstrual cup?

It is important to wash your hands thoroughly prior to handling your cup and to find a comfortable position, which could be either be sitting on the toilet or standing in a squat position.  There are three potential techniques for removing your cup:

  1. With your thumb, index and middle fingers, gently squeeze the base of the cup to release the seal or vacuum effect and carefully pull your cup out.
  2. Run your index finger along the side of your cup until you feel its upper rim. Push inwards with your index finger, and gently remove your cup in zigzag movements.
  3. Grasp the ring of the SELENACARE menstrual cup with your thumb and middle finger. Extend your index finger along the rim of the cup and press inwards, which will break the seal and allow for you to gently remove your cup.

If you feel a sensation of resistance or friction, then the seal and suction effect has not yet been released. Do not remove your SELENACARE Menstrual Cup by pulling on the ring-shaped groove stem.  This added friction could result in pressure being placed on your uterus, which could potentially lead to a lowering of the uterus or a pelvic prolapse. Prior to the first cycle with your menstrual cup, you may want to practice removing your cup before your period begins.

Simply view this video, which explains how to remove your SELENACARE Menstrual Cup.

Can I wear a menstrual cup if I am using a hormonal or copper UID for contraception?

In general, it is possible to use a menstrual cup if you are wearing a hormonal or copper IUD. However, please talk to your doctor in any case before you insert a menstrual cup. If you have not been using a hormonal or copper IUD for very long, you will have to be patient for a while. During your first period after insertion, you should not use any internal period products (including tampons). Instead, we recommend our period underwear and washable pads.

If the hormonal or copper IUD was inserted some time ago, you can use a menstrual cup. It is important that the thread does not get caught between the menstrual cup and your vaginal wall. If this should be the case, your doctor can shorten the thread for you.

PLEASE NOTE: When removing your menstrual cup, it is important to release the vacuum before you pull it out. Of course, you should always do that, but it is especially important if you are wearing a hormonal or copper IUD. You can find a detailed explanation under “How do I remove my menstrual cup?

What should I do if I experience discomfort or leaks?

If you encounter difficulties such as leakage or discomfort, then you may need a different size. When using your menstrual cup properly there should be a complete seal around the vaginal wall in order to prevent leakage.  If your cup is too small then a seal cannot properly form. On the other hand, a cup that is too big will not unfold correctly. Please take a look at our Selenacare Menstrual Cups size recommendations.

Can the menstrual cup be disposed of with household waste?

The Selenacare menstrual cup is made of medical silicone and can therefore be easily disposed of with household waste. It is then simply incinerated in the waste incineration plant, which is an advantage over single-use products.

Help! I can no longer remove my menstrual cup.

Try to remain calm as it is much easier to remove your cup when your pelvic floor muscles are relaxed.  A warm shower may help with the removal of the cup:  while positioning your legs hip-width apart with your back to the wall, sit down into a deep squat. This position will naturally allow the cup to descend and make it easier for you to reach. Alternatively, you may try clenching your stomach muscles as you would during bowel movement. Gently pull your menstrual cup by its ring downward in a zigzag motion and try using your longest finger to reach the rim of the cup.  Alternatively, you can squeeze the grooves near the base of the cup with two or three fingers to loosen the seal and gently remove the menstrual cup.

For a more detailed description you can watch the video below.