Are there different sizes of SELENACARE Daily Pantyliners?

The pantyliner comes in one general size. Additionally, we developed a Brazilian panty that combines the functionality of a pantyliner with an appealing design.

How much can SELENACARE pantyliners absorb?

Our SELENACARE panty liner and Brazilian Everyday Absorbent Underwear absorbs up to 5 ml, so you can feel nice and fresh everyday. They offer comfort and leak-proof protection for very light flows and are ideal for daily wear. Our pantyliners can also be combined with your SELENACARE menstrual cup.

Which side of the panty liners should face the body?

The textured side comes in contact with your body, it absorbs moisture and transfers it to the next layer. The smooth side made of skin-friendly material comes in contact with your underwear.

What kind of care do my SELENACARE Pantyliners need?

In terms of caring for your panty liners, we recommend initially rinsing them in cold water, followed by a warm water wash at 30°C (86°F) and air dry. Do not use fabric softeners, bleach and do not tumble dry.