Why should I use special soap to clean my menstrual cup?

After emptying your menstrual cup, it should be rinsed with water and mild soap. It’s important to note that it has to be a pH-balanced soap as your vagina’s pH-level is more delicate than your skin. Most commercial soaps are not ideal for cleaning menstrual cups.

SELENACARE Cleansing Solution is designed for cleaning menstrual cups made of medical grade silicone. This gentle, plant based, mild soap is suitable for your body and is ideal for the maintenance & cleaning of your menstrual cup. It has been tested extensively and is pH balanced with the vaginal flora and dermatologically approved. This way it can also be used for your body.

When do I use wet wipes?

When you are on the go, cleaning and caring for your cup might not be so easy. SELENACARE Intimate Wipes are ideal for cleaning your menstrual cup when there is no sink available for rinsing. Having them with you can be a real lifesaver and make it so much easier to keep yourself clean.

Can I use the wet wipes for my hands and intimate area?

Yes, due to the pH value of the soap and intimate wipes, you can use the SELENACARE liquid soap or intimate wipes to clean your intimate area. Also, don’t forget to wash your hands before inserting or removing your menstrual cup.