How do I become a Selenacare or Souverän retailer?

If you are interested in selling Selenacare or Souverän products with your company, you can contact our international sales team. After a detailed examination of your current portfolio, your personal contact will inform you about the further process. Usually, the decision about whether or not a new retailer is accepted doesn´t take too much time. This means that in the event of a positive decision, the sales conditions can be discussed shortly after.

International sales team contact

Gregor Konrad

Alternatively, it is possible that your company was contacted directly by an employee from the international sales team. In this case, the existing portfolio has already been examined and there is interest in a cooperation.

What advantages do I have as an official retailer?

Dealers and Retailers receive extensive support from us in the sale of Selenacare & Souverän products.

In addition to marketing material, graphics and texts for the retailer’s website, e-commerce is also supported. For this purpose, the dealer receives product images, descriptions and, if necessary, technical data, provided that these can be displayed on the retailers’ website.